English Central

A lot of English students learn from Youtube videos. Though it’s great for listening, speaking, or pronunciation practice, Youtube is a passive learning tool. Meaning, you only receive information; you can’t be active or offer responses. Other video resources are trying to change that; they want videos to be active learning tools. English Central is one such video site that is specifically designed for English learners. They have many videos on multiple topics and learning features like subtitles, featured vocabulary, listening exercises as you watch, and 1-0n-1 tutoring. Individuals can register for free to start. Recommended for all learners (Levels 100-800/EAP).

If this interactive video learning is what you like, try out English Central.

ACE - english central 1ACE - english central 2ACE - english central 3ACE - english central 4ACE - english central 5

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