Study Skills & Habits

Here is a collection of resources to help you build strong study skills and habits. To start, think about what kind of student you are and how you learn best. The resources below will help you assess these things about yourself, and you can focus on the areas that will help you study better.

U.S. Academic Expectations

How students learn is different in every country, so academic expectations are also different. When you are studying English in the U.S., here are some of our expectations that you should understand and meet to be successful students:

  1. Participate in class
    • Raise your hand to ask and answer questions
    • Discuss the class content
    • Join class activities and complete assignments
  2. Work together for team assignments
    • Communicate with team members; share ideas and listen
    • Apply what you have learned; divide work fairly
    • Meet in and out of class to work
  3. Think critically
    • Ask questions and share ideas; be active learners (not passive)
    • Research and analyze information
    • Form your own opinions
    • Individual growth is encouraged
  4. Value diversity
    • Share and accept different cultures and ideas
    • Be open minded
    • Learn to be creative
  5. Be on time to class
    • Show your motivation in learning
    • Respect the time of your teachers and classmates; if you are late, you disrupt the class and fall behind on what’s being taught
  6. Do all your class work
    • Work includes projects, homework, and in-class assignments
    • Apply and practice what you have learned to improve and get class credit
ACE - class participation
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Study Resources

The three resources below has information, guides, materials, and activities to improve your study skills and habits. Click on the resources and use them to become a successful student.

  1. Handouts and web pages
  2. Tools and Exercises
  3. Videos

Are you a successful student?

11 Habits for Success  |  Study Skills Assessment

Take either of these quizzes to see if you have good study skills and habits. Once you identify weaknesses, focus on making them stronger, and you can maintain your strong study habits.

What kind of learner are you?

Learning Style Questions  |  Learning Style Assessment

Take either of these quizzes to see which learning styles work better for you. Do you learn best with material that is visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic? In other words, do you learn best by seeing, hearing, or touching/doing? Once you know your strongest learning styles, focus on building skills in those styles.

Check these Learning Style Tips to understand how to study in the three different styles. For example, if you are a strong visual learner, you should study with flashcards, pictures, graphs, etc. If you are a strong auditory learner, you can practice with podcasts or listening apps. If you are a combination of visual and auditory, you can study through videos.