Words with Friends

May the best friend win–that’s the challenge of Words with Friends! Try out this interactive and fun vocabulary app game. You can play with and challenge people to a test of skill. Think fast and fill the board with words you know! This is the last week of our Spring quarter, so de-stress from final exams with this app game.

The game is available on Android and iOS. You can also play it on Facebook. Recommended for all learners (Levels 100+).

Watch their short video below to see how it works. If you like it, try Words with Friends!

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American Idioms 4 with Dana

Spring quarter is almost over. Of course, it means final exams. But once school is over, it also feels like the holidays have come! You can enjoy break time. With that on your mind, try out these holiday-related idioms that Dana shares in her fourth video lesson.

Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+). You can also review Dana’s previous idiom lessons:

Dana’s American Idioms, Lesson 4 – Holidays

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Types of Business Letters

As you complete your education, you also need to build your professional skills. In particular, knowing about business letters can be useful in your job. Watch this video on Types of Business Letters (with transcript) to learn more about them.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners and business students (Levels 400+ and EIB)


ACE - esl vid, business letters


Picture the Word

Some people learn words with letters and writing easily. For other people, learning words with pictures is easier; when they see an example, it helps them understand the topic better. With the app Vocabulary Group Study, you can learn more than 2,000 words through pictures. It’s like a picture dictionary. The app has other support features like audio to practice listening and speaking, quizzes, examples. You can also use it offline.

Vocabulary Group Study is available for Android. Recommended for beginner learners (Levels 100-200).


ACE - vocabulary group study

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Essential Phrases for Business Phone Conversations

Business is often conducted on the phone, so knowing how to speak in business phone situations is an important professional skill. Learn some Essential Phrases for Business Phone Conversation with Teacher Alex Jimenez; you can watch the video and read the transcript.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners and business students (Levels 400+ and EIB).


ACE - esl vid, business phone conversations