Using Semicolons

Ever wonder why English uses semicolons? How is it different from a period or comma? Uncover the mystery and improve your grammar knowledge with this useful video on how to use semicolons!

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Free Pearson Resources

Many schools use Pearson books and online resources to teach students English, including us! They have many topics to choose from: seasonal (holidays, events), adults (life skills, conversational topics), early learners, and more. Though the resources are aimed at teachers, the materials are great for students too. Go to Pearson’s Classroom Resources and check them out!

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Tips on Preparing for Tests

Final exams are coming soon for Winter quarter, so it’s time to study hard! Don’t wait until the day before your exams–prepare early so you can be confident about taking your exams. Watch the video below for tips on how you can study and prepare. You can turn on the subtitles for additional support.

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Useful Emailing Phrases

As you learn English, you’re not only communicating in person. You also communicate via email. Oftentimes, English learners don’t focus on expressing themselves fluently via email, or they are not sure if they should be using formal or informal language. English in emails also often has different kinds of phrases compared to when speaking in person or writing for classes. So learning how to communicate fluently via email is great progress to mastering English in all contexts. Check out this article with a list of 100 useful emailing phrases that is “essential language for the beginning, body and ending of formal and informal English emails.” Recommended for intermediate learners and above (Levels 400+).

List Preview:


Go to the article to read the entire list.

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TOEFL Friday

This Friday, 4/29 is TOEFL testing day for our students! Get into top testing condition with 4Tests TOEFL. The link takes you to Practice Test A, and you can also try Practice Test B.

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