Winter to Spring 2016


This Friday marks the end of IEP’s Winter 2016 quarter, and students will be on break. In that time, this blog will also take a break and we’ll research more resources for you. So we will resume updates on April 7, 2016, when students are ready to begin the Spring 2016 quarter.

See you soon!

Word Shake!

How many words do you know? Play the Word Shake game! Type all the words you see in the letter chart (then press Enter). You have 3 minutes. It’s great for reviewing vocabulary! Try it with friends too. Recommended for beginner learners (Levels 100-200) and typists.

ACE - word shake start

ACE - word shake game

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Explore Words with a Thesaurus

As you’re learning to write in English, sometimes you just can’t find the right word. In that case, search for related words with a thesaurus. A thesaurus is similar to a dictionary; it is a resource collection of many words, but instead of giving you only definitions, it also gives you other words whose meanings are the same or similar. And these same or similar words are known as synonyms. For example, one synonym for the word smart is intelligent.

So, a thesaurus lets you search for synonyms.

Sometimes, a word’s definition in a dictionary is complicated, so you can learn new words by reviewing their synonyms–there just might be a synonym you already understand! You can find simpler or more academic words. For many words, you can also learn about their antonyms, which are words that have the opposite meaning.

All this information is at!

ACE - thesaurus


ACE - thesaurus intelligent
Words highlighted in dark gold color = very similar meaning; highlighted in light peach = a little similar in meaning; highlighted in dark gray = very opposite meaning; highlighted in light gray = a little opposite in meaning


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Conquer Phrasal Verbs!

Phrasal verbs can be scary, but they don’t have to be! Master them by practicing with the game app Phrasalstein. Its “horror movie” design makes the app interesting, and with the app helper Doctor Phrasalstein, you can learn up to 100 phrasal verbs.

Before you start, let’s make sure you recognize what phrasal verbs are. A phrasal verb “is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.” For example, the underlined words are phrasal verbs:

  1. She bumped into an old friend at the mall last week.  bump + into
  2. He looked up the word’s definition. look + up

Want to practice more? Try out Phrasalstein to conquer phrasal verbs! Available for Android and iOS.

ACE - phrasalstein

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IELTS with British Council

If you feel unprepared to take IELTS or want some extra study material, here’s a resource for you! IELTS with British Council offers many resources to help you prepare: practice tests and activities, tips and advice, test format information, a free 6-week online course (must register), and more. Take a look at some of the site’s pages below to see if it’s the resource for you.


ACE - ielts british council

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Speaking Pal

The best way to study pronunciation and speaking is talking with people, of course. But sometimes you study by yourself. Even then, you can still practice with the app Speaking Pal! This app offers interactive speaking practice with voice-recognition technology. This technology enables users to have a conversation with a native English speaker. You practice dialogues and conversation, learn through video lessons, take quizzes, track your progress, and more!

The free version offers 16 levels, and the paid version offers over 100 levels. It’s available for iOS and Android users. Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-500).

Give Speaking Pal a try!


ACE - speaking pal

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