Evolution of English

Your native language has changed throughout history with different vocabulary and grammar rules and more. Same with English, which has evolved over time. Check out the interesting TED Ed video on what influenced the English language. Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Level 400+)

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Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

As English learners, you’re on your way to being bilingual, or even multilingual! Of course, with each additional language, you’ll have more ways to communicate. But have you thought how else being bilingual benefits you? For the curious, watch the TED-Ed video below, in which “Mia Nacamulli details the three types of bilingual brains and shows how knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged.” Click on CC to watch with subtitles (it’ll be helpful for the more scientific parts). Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Levels 400+).

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Imagine with Storynory!

Bring your imagination to life with Storynory! Here, you can read and listen to many interesting and creative works. This includes original stories, classic audio books, poems and music, fairy tales, educational stories, myths and world stories, and junior stories.

Storynory is a great way to have fun with English learning–let the words build an interesting, new world in your imagination! Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-400).

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