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English learners may have a hard time following news because it is designed for native speakers. With News in Levels, the focus is on English learners. They can read some news articles in 3 levels. There are also vocabulary highlights and videos. Recommended for all learners.

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Simple English News

You can stay current on news and learn English with Simple English News. This website has news stories and many support features like videos, audio, vocabulary and definitions, and English learning activities. All together, you can learn many different skills and interesting topics! Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).


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News with English Club

With news, you can learn English and a lot of other current topics. English Club has great news podcasts that teaches current events and gives English learning support like vocabulary and exercises related to the podcast. Follow their news regularly and you can try out their monthly quiz. Practice all the different English skills at once–listening, reading, vocabulary, and more! Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Levels 400+).


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