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Do you have enough English knowledge to solve puzzles? Challenge yourself with the Guess Up game app! Recommended for beginner learners (Levels 100-200).

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Opposites Match

Short and tall. Day and night. Sun and moon. Black and white. These are words with opposite meanings, also called antonyms. Do you know many antonyms? Learn new ones and challenge those you know with a matching app game! In other words, you match one word with another that has the opposite meaning, so you get an antonym pair. Try it out with two apps, one for Android and for iOS.

Recommended for beginner to intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).

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Reading with GCF

Brush up your reading skills and vocabulary with GCF Reading! The site offers many activities and support features. For example, you can test yourself with comprehension or fill in the blank questions. You can also listen to audio, watch video clips about the vocabulary, and play a game.

Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).

Like the activities you see below? Try them out at GCF Reading! Take a look at GCF Typing practice as well.


ACE - gfc reading


ACE - reading activities blast off

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