Small Talk with English Club

Winter quarter is just starting, and many of you are meeting new classmates and teachers. Now is the perfect time for making “small talk.” Small talk is pleasant conversation about general topics and common interests. It’s a good way to begin making friends. English Club has a great page for learning small talk (recommended for Levels 300+). As they explain,

In most English-speaking countries, it is normal and necessary to make “small talk” in certain situations. Small talk is a casual form of conversation that “breaks the ice” or fills an awkward silence between people. Even though you may feel shy using your second language, it is sometimes considered rude to say nothing. Just as there are certain times when small talk is appropriate, there are also certain topics that people often discuss during these moments.

Read through English Club‘s lesson on small talk, do their practice exercises, and take the quiz here:

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Daily Conversation Starters

Speaking with people in a foreign language can be very difficult for learners, but that’s also one of the best ways to become fluent. A study group or partner in particular is useful for speaking practice. At Daily ESL, there are a lot of conversation starter exercises designed for a study group or class. Choose your topic, then listen to and read the script. Study the vocabulary, follow the discussion topics and exercises with your study group. These interactive conversation starters are great opportunities to practice speaking! Be sure to use the vocabulary, phrases, and conversation starter topics in your own daily life. Recommended for intermediate learners (Levels 300-400).

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Interrupting in English

Are you comfortable joining or changing a conversation in English? If not, this article Interrupting in English has very useful phrases and tips to help you. Try them in different situations like class, at work, or with friends.

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ACE - interrupting in eng

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Let’s Talk English for Spring!

Hello! This blog is back, up and running for Spring quarter! We’ll continue to update twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays (and sometimes more).

Classes for our International Education Programs begin next week Monday, so it’s time to get back into top English condition. Especially, you will be talking a lot as you live in America: you’ll be traveling, going to restaurants and stores, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, greeting your teachers, and discussing in class. During all these interactions, fluency is important to expressing yourself and communicating with others.

So let’s follow the useful tips from 7 expert teachers on achieving native fluency in the video below!

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