The Road to Better Grammar

Improving your grammar takes some (or a lot of) extra practice. With Road to Grammar, you can take steps to get better at grammar, one activity at a time. The site has many things for you to try, from quizzes and games to worksheets and downloadable resources. Recommended for all levels.

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Singular and Plural Words

Peach/Peaches. Book/Books. These are spelling examples of one (singular) or many things (plural). Review more words with Singular and Plural Match game app. It makes English bright, colorful, and fun! The game is available on iOS. Recommended for beginner learners (Levels 100-200).


ACE - singular plural app 1   ACE - singular plural app 2

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Words with Friends

May the best friend win–that’s the challenge of Words with Friends! Try out this interactive and fun vocabulary app game. You can play with and challenge people to a test of skill. Think fast and fill the board with words you know! This is the last week of our Spring quarter, so de-stress from final exams with this app game.

The game is available on Android and iOS. You can also play it on Facebook. Recommended for all learners (Levels 100+).

Watch their short video below to see how it works. If you like it, try Words with Friends!

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What’s the Word?

Do you like puzzles, clues, or guessing games? Then try out the vocabulary game app 4 Pics 1 Word! It’s very popular, with over 940,000 downloads. In the game, you will see four pictures. They are clues for an English word. Type in letters from an alphabet bank to guess the word!

The game can be played on your desktop computer, and it’s also available to download for Android and iOS. Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).


Desktop computer

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Word Shake!

How many words do you know? Play the Word Shake game! Type all the words you see in the letter chart (then press Enter). You have 3 minutes. It’s great for reviewing vocabulary! Try it with friends too. Recommended for beginner learners (Levels 100-200) and typists.

ACE - word shake start

ACE - word shake game

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Conquer Phrasal Verbs!

Phrasal verbs can be scary, but they don’t have to be! Master them by practicing with the game app Phrasalstein. Its “horror movie” design makes the app interesting, and with the app helper Doctor Phrasalstein, you can learn up to 100 phrasal verbs.

Before you start, let’s make sure you recognize what phrasal verbs are. A phrasal verb “is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.” For example, the underlined words are phrasal verbs:

  1. She bumped into an old friend at the mall last week.  bump + into
  2. He looked up the word’s definition. look + up

Want to practice more? Try out Phrasalstein to conquer phrasal verbs! Available for Android and iOS.

ACE - phrasalstein

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Words Day by Day

Learning English words day by day will help you become more fluent. With FunEasyLearn‘s vocabulary app, you can learn up to 6,000 words! It has 3 learning levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), so it’s great for all Levels 100-800/EAP. Enjoy learning words from over 140 topics. The app also has many support features like translation into many native languages, pronunciation audio, images, and descriptions.

Watch their promo video below. Do you like how it works? Then give FunEasyLearn vocabulary app a try (available on Android and iOS).


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Draw Your English Story!

You don’t always have to use a textbook to study English–try creating an interactive story! With Draw a Stickman, you can lead your character stickman through an animated, fun adventure. Draw, watch, and read along!

Recommended for beginner English learners (Levels 100-200). Draw a Stickman is available online, or you can download the app for iPhone and Android.

Take a look through the site below!

Home Page:

ACE - drawastickman mainpage

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