Tune in to ESL Podcast

Plug in your earphones, turn up the volume and tune in to ESL Podcast. Try it out daily or weekly anytime! ESL Podcast is a wonderful way to practice listening and learn about interesting and diverse topics during your free time. You can also practice your pronunciation and speaking skills based on the audio.Topics include English language (of course!), dining, medicine and health, transportation, business, daily life, and more.  Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Levels 400+).

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10 Tips for ESL/EFL Academic Writers

You’ve mastered the basic essay model of introduction, body, and conclusion. Now it’s time to advance that model into a complex and fully-supported academic or scholarly essay. This is a challenge. You have to convey your ideas in engaging sentences, transition smoothly between paragraphs, provide credible and convincing evidence or examples, and more–and don’t forget the basics of English grammar!

Though academic writing is a challenge, many students can succeed with practice. If you put in the hard work of reading other works, rewriting your own work in multiple drafts, proof reading, and peer reviewing, it will all pay off! As you do all that, try Jane Mackay’s 10 Tips for ESL/EFL academic writing writers (and everyone else too). In her many years as a copy editor, Mackay has read and edited a lot of work by non-native English writers. Therefore, her article offers tips and insights that are especially useful for English learners.

Recommended for advanced learners (Levels 600-800/EAP).

10 Tips for ESL/EFL academic writers article preview:

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Practice English Grammar

Grammar rules–remember the comma, don’t add that the es for plural this time, but not always…there are so many English grammar rules. It can be difficult to understand and remember them all, but the app Practice English Grammar can help you! The app offers many grammar practice resources:

  • 1000+ questions
  • 750+ flashcards
  • 100+ learning games
  • 16 topics
  • grammar articles
  • detailed feedback on questions.
  • offline mode availability

Practice English Grammar is available on Android and iOS. Recommended for all learners (Levels 100-800/EAP).

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Opposites Match

Short and tall. Day and night. Sun and moon. Black and white. These are words with opposite meanings, also called antonyms. Do you know many antonyms? Learn new ones and challenge those you know with a matching app game! In other words, you match one word with another that has the opposite meaning, so you get an antonym pair. Try it out with two apps, one for Android and for iOS.

Recommended for beginner to intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).

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English Central

A lot of English students learn from Youtube videos. Though it’s great for listening, speaking, or pronunciation practice, Youtube is a passive learning tool. Meaning, you only receive information; you can’t be active or offer responses. Other video resources are trying to change that; they want videos to be active learning tools. English Central is one such video site that is specifically designed for English learners. They have many videos on multiple topics and learning features like subtitles, featured vocabulary, listening exercises as you watch, and 1-0n-1 tutoring. Individuals can register for free to start. Recommended for all learners (Levels 100-800/EAP).

If this interactive video learning is what you like, try out English Central.

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Level 100 Study Page

Beginner students, we have a Level 100 Study Page! Use the page for class review and extra practice. The page has 10 topics. Each topic has review information, lessons, videos, exercises, or worksheets. The resources are in this post, or go to the Level 100 link from the top menu.

Level 100 Extra Study Material

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Click on the topics below for extra practice. Beginner students can learn from study pages, worksheets, videos, and more.


  1. Basic conversations
  2. Describe people, places, and things
  3. Ask for and give information
  4. Ask and answer questions about a person’s job/occupation
  5. Ask about and describe health problems
  6. Ask about and describe the weather
  7. Ask and tell about future activities
  8. Know American currency/money and prices
  9. Listen to and write letters, words, numbers
  10. Typing in English

What’s the Word?

Do you like puzzles, clues, or guessing games? Then try out the vocabulary game app 4 Pics 1 Word! It’s very popular, with over 940,000 downloads. In the game, you will see four pictures. They are clues for an English word. Type in letters from an alphabet bank to guess the word!

The game can be played on your desktop computer, and it’s also available to download for Android and iOS. Recommended for beginner and intermediate learners (Levels 100-300).


Desktop computer

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