What kind of learner are you?

ACE - learning channelsDo you learn best by  watching, listening, or doing something? These 3 different ways to learn are also called visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. If you know your best learning styles, you can study better; focus on materials in your styles. For example, if learning English is easier by listening, you can study with a lot of audios like movies, videos, radio, and even music.

Our blog has a useful Study Page that can help you learn how to improve your study skills and habits (and also meet American academic expectations to succeed in school!). Go through the page for information, tips, resources, and activities. Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Levels 300+).

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Beginner English Resources

ACE - level 100, studying 2Beginner learners! Our Level 100 students! Remember, we have a page with Level 100 Extra Study Material. The page has 10 topics for beginners. Some topics you learn in class and is good for review. Some topics are new information. Read them, watch the videos, and do the activities. This extra practice will help you get better at English. Good luck in your studies!

Browse the tags and categories for more resources.

Level 100 Study Page

Beginner students, we have a Level 100 Study Page! Use the page for class review and extra practice. The page has 10 topics. Each topic has review information, lessons, videos, exercises, or worksheets. The resources are in this post, or go to the Level 100 link from the top menu.

Level 100 Extra Study Material

ACE - level 100, studying 2

Click on the topics below for extra practice. Beginner students can learn from study pages, worksheets, videos, and more.


  1. Basic conversations
  2. Describe people, places, and things
  3. Ask for and give information
  4. Ask and answer questions about a person’s job/occupation
  5. Ask about and describe health problems
  6. Ask about and describe the weather
  7. Ask and tell about future activities
  8. Know American currency/money and prices
  9. Listen to and write letters, words, numbers
  10. Typing in English