Riverside eLibrary at your fingertips

Reading is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in English learning. You can learn from educational and academic text, but you can also enjoy the learning process with creative fiction or nonfiction books. Through all these kinds of texts, you can improve the obvious, your reading ability, but that improvement also extends to other skills and learning content like grammar, writing, vocabulary, cultural ideas and themes, current news, social issues, critical thinking, and creativity.

Now, reading has gotten very convenient with electronic books, or e-books. But accessing those e-books may be difficult because you can’t find an e-book database or e-books can get pricey.

Well, even that problem has a solution! With the app 3M Cloud Library, you can access e-books through your local public library. For UCR students, the local library is Riverside Main Public Library. E-books of various genres are available online for multiple devices and e-readers. It’s simple to get started:

  1. Make a valid library card at Riverside Main Library located downtown at 3581 Mission Inn Avenue (or other local library; you can search for the closest location to you on the 3M Cloud website). If you can’t drive there yourself, you can go by bus, taxi, or drive with friends or your host family.
  2. Download 3M Cloud Library App.
  3. Subscribe to the app service with your library card.

That’s it. Start reading and learning 3M Cloud Library! Of course, you can always try out the traditional library access with Riverside Public Library.

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Conquer Phrasal Verbs!

Phrasal verbs can be scary, but they don’t have to be! Master them by practicing with the game app Phrasalstein. Its “horror movie” design makes the app interesting, and with the app helper Doctor Phrasalstein, you can learn up to 100 phrasal verbs.

Before you start, let’s make sure you recognize what phrasal verbs are. A phrasal verb “is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.” For example, the underlined words are phrasal verbs:

  1. She bumped into an old friend at the mall last week.  bump + into
  2. He looked up the word’s definition. look + up

Want to practice more? Try out Phrasalstein to conquer phrasal verbs! Available for Android and iOS.

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A Lightbulb Moment – Understanding Sentences

When writing an essay, you may be expressing your thoughts on and on…and on and on! Or your thoughts come to a stop before reaching its destination, and your writing follows. So you get confusing run-on or awkward fragment sentences. Here’s a writing video to help you avoid those run-on’s and fragments; use simple, compound, and complex sentences to get your writing back on track!

The video starts with a simple sentence example: She changed the light bulb. She didn’t like fixing things. How do you transform the simple sentences into compound or complex? The video below shows you how! Recommended for advanced learners (Levels 500-800/EAP).

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