Writing Letters

Many English learners are familiar with writing essays for school or casual messages with friends. An often overlooked writing style is letters! Depending on the situation or need, a letter’s tone or vocabulary can be very different–formal, thankful, questioning, entreating, urgent, and so on. How can you write a letter to someone effectively to express the appropriate tone and get your point across? Here’s an interesting Android app English Letter Writing that can help you with that. As their page says, “English Letter & Application Writing Offline is completely free and offline English letters writing book with over 2000+ letters & applications for students in multiple categories.”

Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners (Levels 300 to EAP/800 and business students).

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Types of Business Letters

As you complete your education, you also need to build your professional skills. In particular, knowing about business letters can be useful in your job. Watch this video on Types of Business Letters (with transcript) to learn more about them.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners and business students (Levels 400+ and EIB)


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