Study Tools and Exercises


Open, print and fill in any of these sheets to plan and assess your studying.

Evaluate Study Locations  |  Goal Setting Outline  |  Post-Exam Survey  |  SMART Goal-Setting 1  |  SMART Goal-Setting 2  | Test-Taking Skills Checklist



Open, print, and fill in any of these calendars to schedule your school work.

Time Log  |  Weekly Plan 1  |  Weekly Plan 2  |  5 Day Study Plan  |  8 Day Planned Study Tracker  |  Monthly Schedule


Assignment calculator for research papers

Use this assignment calculator to help manage your research project better. Enter the start and due dates of your assignment, and it will create a good schedule for you. The schedule also has links to very helpful study resources on how to do each part of your research assignment (e.g.: choose a topic, write topic/thesis statements, read and review academic sources, design a research strategy, write first draft and revise, etc.).


Graphic Organizers

Open, print, and fill in any of these graphic organizers with things you want to research or learn. Especially visual learners, these organizers are helpful to see and plan your ideas.

Action Map  |  Clock Chart  |  Compare and Contrast   |  Cycle Chart  |  Cluster/Web Chart 1  |  Cluster/Web Chart 2  |  Describing Wheel  |  Fact and Opinion  |  Five W’s Chart  |  Flow Chart  |  Four Columns  |  Garden Gate  |  Goal-Reasons Web  |  Herringbone Organizer  |  Know/Want/Learn Chart  |   Know/Want/Sources Chart  |  Ice Cream Cone  |  Network Tree  |  Persuasion Map  |  Planning Chart  |  Problem-Solution Chart  |  Sandwich Chart  |  Sequence Chart  |  Sense Chart  |  Step-by-Step Chart  |  Storyboard  |  Story Map 1  |  Story Map 2  |  Spider Map 1   |  Spider Map 2  |   T-Chart 1  |  T-Chart 2  |  Tick Tack Toe  |  Timeline  |  Time Order  |  Tree Chart  |  Triangle  |  Venn Diagram