Study Handouts and Web Pages

Do this ESL Learning Checklist to focus on which styles and information you need to improve. Then use these handouts and webpages as guides to improving your study skills and habits. Download or print them as part of your study material to being a successful student.

Goal-Setting:  10 Steps to Academic Success  | P-R-O Goals  |  SMART Goals

Listening/Speaking:  Active Listening  |  Tips and Test-Taking Skills

Reading:  Preview/Read/Recall  |  Suggestions  | SQ3R Strategy  |  SQ3R System  |   SQ4R Method for Academic Reading  |  Tips and Test-Taking Skills  |

Writing:  Audience Considerations for ESL Writers  |  Essay Exam Tips  |  Guidelines for Editing an Essay  |  Key Concepts for Writing in North American Colleges  |  Plagiarism and ESL Writers  |  Tips and Test-Taking SkillsWriting in North American Colleges  |  Writing for a North American Academic Audience

Note-Taking:  Strategies  |  Symbols and Abbreviations  |  Tips and Methods

Time Management:  10 Tips  |  Overcoming Procrastination  |  Series of Tips

Test-Taking:  Final Exams Guide  |  Five-Step Strategy  |  General Guide  |  General Tips  |  Understanding Test Anxiety

General:  50 Ways to Take a Break (Reduce Stress!)  |  Active Studying Techniques  |  Effective Memorizing  |  Emergency Studying  |  How to Have a Successful Study Group  |  Improving Concentration  |  Learning Vocab  |  Motivation Techniques  |  Problem Solving and Other Tips  |  Stress Management Techniques  |  The Study Cycle 1  |  The Study Cycle 2  |  Improving Critical Thinking  |  Understanding Assignment Titles