American Idioms 5 with Dana

Summer quarter is done soon, but it’s not too late to start learning new things. Here are some idioms about new beginnings you can try. Dana explains what they mean in her video lesson below.

Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+). You can also review Dana’s previous idiom lessons:

Dana’s American Idioms, Lesson 5 – New Beginning

Lesson 5 Idioms:

To turn over a new leaf: to behave in a better or more responsible way

To change your tune: to express a very different opinion from the one you had before / to behave in a very different way from before

To start with a clean slate: to disregard whatever happened in the past; start again fresh

To start from scratch: to start at the very beginning; to start from nothing

To be at a crossroads: to be at a point in your life where you have to make a very important decision

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