American Idioms 3 with Dana

We’re well into the first week of Spring quarter, so let’s continue English learning with all five of your senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. You may use these five senses to understand the world, but you can also use them to communicate. In other words, speak with your senses! Many English idioms use the senses to express different ideas. That’s the topic of the third video lesson with Dana. Watch the video and the next time you have a conversation, use your senses in a creative way! Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+).

You can also review Dana’s previous Idioms Lessons 1 (Body Parts) and 2 (Food)

Dana’s American Idioms, Lesson 3 – Senses

Lesson 3 Idioms:

To keep an eye on someone: to watch or monitor someone closely

Actions speak louder than words: what a person says they’re going to do isn’t as important as what they actually do

To make a stink about something: to make trouble about something

To lose your touch: to be unable to do something as well as you could before

It’s an acquired taste: describing something you need to consume several times before you gain an appreciation for it

Just around the corner: not far away/occurring soon

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