The Hamburger Essay

Writers know that the basic model for an essay is introduction, body, and conclusion. Think of this model as a hamburger–the two bread buns are the beginning and end, and the meat patty is the body, where all the essential flavor of your essay is. But your flavor, your writing quality, may start off bland. You need to practice–do many writing exercises, read a lot (especially examples of good writing), and write as many drafts as you need to until your “flavor” is delicious.

Read the article How to Write an Essay and see how the author Kenneth Beare explains this hamburger essay model. Continue with his 30 minute writing exercise; watch the video and follow the steps and see how good of a “hamburger” you can make! Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+).

How to Write an Essay article preview:

ACE - hamburger essay

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