Explore Words with a Thesaurus

As you’re learning to write in English, sometimes you just can’t find the right word. In that case, search for related words with a thesaurus. A thesaurus is similar to a dictionary; it is a resource collection of many words, but instead of giving you only definitions, it also gives you other words whose meanings are the same or similar. And these same or similar words are known as synonyms. For example, one synonym for the word smart is intelligent.

So, a thesaurus lets you search for synonyms.

Sometimes, a word’s definition in a dictionary is complicated, so you can learn new words by reviewing their synonyms–there just might be a synonym you already understand! You can find simpler or more academic words. For many words, you can also learn about their antonyms, which are words that have the opposite meaning.

All this information is at Thesaurus.com!

ACE - thesaurus


ACE - thesaurus intelligent
Words highlighted in dark gold color = very similar meaning; highlighted in light peach = a little similar in meaning; highlighted in dark gray = very opposite meaning; highlighted in light gray = a little opposite in meaning


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