American Idioms 2 with Dana

You’ve probably heard many English speakers say, “Piece of cake!” Or maybe you hear that someone is a “couch potato.” So where’s the cake? How is the couch a potato? These creative expressions are idioms, and you can continue learning them with Dana. In this second video lesson, Dana teaches idioms related to food. So the next time the topic of food comes up, don’t just think of eating–start speaking them! Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+).

Dana’s American Idioms, Lesson 2 – Food

Lesson 2 Idioms:

It’s a piece of cake: something is easy

To bring home the bacon: to earn the money to support yourself and oftentimes a family

Greatest thing since sliced bread: something that’s really great

To cut the cheese: to fart

Couch potato: a lazy person who spends all day sitting on the couch watching TV

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