American Idioms 1 with Dana

English has many creative and interesting expressions that relate different ideas together. These expressions are known as idioms. At first, idioms may not seem to make any sense. But as you listen and learn the situations these expressions are used in, you’ll see that they’re a lot of fun. Show your creativity and cultural sense by using idioms with your friends!

Start learning them now with Dana. She introduces several idioms related to body parts in her first video lesson. Recommended for intermediate and advanced learners (Levels 400+). Watch it below–learn idioms and practice your listening and pronunciation skills!

Dana’s American Idioms, Lesson 1 – Body Parts

Lesson 1 Idioms:

A pain in the butt: something that causes you trouble or annoyance

Break a leg: good luck

To be all ears: to be listening and paying attention

To get something off your chest: to tell someone something that has been bothering you or worrying you for a long time

To scratch someone’s back: to do a favor for someone (and hopefully in return they’ll do a favor for you)

To have a green thumb: to be good at gardening or growing plants

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