Level 100 – Describe people, places, and things

Adjectives are words that describe nouns–or people, places, and things. If you don’t know about adjectives, read this review sheet What are Adjectives? Study with the resources below. There are many words. If you don’t know the words’ definition, use a dictionary. Make a vocabulary study sheet with the definitions. Use the words in your daily life.

Videos Lessons about Describing

People 1  |  People 2  |  Personality  |  Places  |  Food  |  Weather 1  |  Weather 2


Online Activities

Game – Who is my Valentine?

Beginner Adjective Games  |  Describe Places  |  Match General Opposite Adjectives  |  Match Opposite Food Adjectives 2  |  Match Opposite Personality Adjectives  |  Match Same Food Adjectives  |  Match Same Weather Adjectives



Open, print, and do these worksheets for extra practice.

Describe Your Classmate  |  Describing People  |  Describe the Image  |  Describe Your Family  |  Character Traits  |  List Adjectives You Know  |  Make Sentences  |  Opposite Adjectives  |  Same Adjectives


Word Lists

Appearance  |  Cooking/Preparing Food  |  Food 1  |  Food 2  |  Hair  |  List of Common Adjectives  |  Personality  |  Places

Adjective Word List:

I am / You are / He is / She is …
 overweight, fat
 … years old.
 beautiful / pretty (Mädchen / Frau), handsome (Junge / Mann)
I have / You have / He has / She has (got) …
 blue / green / grey / brown eyes
 a beard
 a full beard
 a moustache
 a goatee
 a stubbly beard
 blond hair
 red hair
 brown hair
 black hair
 dyed hair
 blond highlights
 short hair
 long hair
 straight hair
 curly hair / curls
 a bald head
 a square / round / triangular / oval face
 a big / small / long nose
 big / small ears
Clothing and Accessories
 I wear / You wear / He wears / She  wears …
 contact lenses
 I am wearing / You are wearing / He/She is wearing …
 a necklace
 a wristband
 a bracelet
 a cap
 a red scarf
 a tie
I am / You are / He is / She is …
 a pain in the neck
 a little chatter box