Level 100 – Basic Conversation

This page has study resources to help you learn how to manage a basic conversation. In a basic conversation, you should be able to use courtesy words and phrases. You should also be able to do the following things: greetings, introductions, responding, talking about self (likes/dislikes), hobbies, and taking leave.

Topic Resources

Watch the videos. Practice by listening and repeating the words and phrases. Also open, print, and do the worksheets for extra practice.Then create your own conversations. Use them in your own daily life. Speak with your friends.


Self-introduction & Talk About Yourself

Introduction Video 1  |  Introduction Video 2   |  Introduction Video 3

Video (“I am…”)  |   Video (“I was…”)  |  Video (“We were…”)

Worksheet 1  |  Worksheet 2  |  Worksheet 3

Greetings & Responses

General Responses  |  Greeting Video 1  |  Greeting Video 2  |  Greeting Video 3

Replying to Greetings Video  |  Giving Opinion Video  |  Good and Bad News Phrases Video

Worksheet 1  |  Worksheet 2

Asking About Hobbies & Likes/Dislikes

Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3  |  Video 4

Worksheet 1  |  Worksheet 2  |  Worksheet 3


General Resources


Model Dialogues

Easy Conversations has 15 conversations topics. Each topic has 10 or more dialogues that you can read and listen to. Practice speaking these model dialogues. Then use the words and phrases in your daily life.


Videos of Short Conversations

Practice listening and reading:


Watch Video 1 below. The video is part of a Teacher Mark’s playlist. The videos are for young beginner ESL conversations. Go to Mark’s Short Conversations playlist here to watch other videos (or play Video 1 video below, then click on this icon ACE - conversation playlist at the top left to open the playlist).


Conversation Apps

Download English learning apps on your smartphone or other devices. Do extra  conversation practice with the audio, words, and phrases from the apps. But remember, the best conversation practice is still with real people. Talk to friends, classmates, and teachers often!

For iOS and Android: HelloTalk  |  Speaking Pal

For iOS only:  Common Conversations

For Android only:  English Conversation Courses