Level 100 – American Money and Prices

Review Currency/Money

ACE - coins and bills study chart

Open and print: Coins and Dollar Bills Study Chart  |  Coins Study Chart  |  Dollar Bills Study Chart.

More online review: Counting Money Activity  |  Young Beginner ESL Currency Lesson and Activities.


Lesson: How to talk about prices


Lesson: How much is/was it?


Math with American Currency

Open, print, and do these worksheets for extra practice. Do them before looking at the answer keys.

Counting Mixed Coins 1  |  Counting Mixed Coins 2   |  Counting Coins and Bills 1  |  Counting Coins and Bills 2  |  Counting Coins and Bills 3

Compare Sums of Coins  |  Compare Sums of Coins and Bills 1  |  Compare Sums of Coins and Bills 2  |  Compare Sums of Coins and Bills 3  |

Match Mixed Coins  |  Match Bills 1  |  Match Bills 2  |  Match Bills 3  |

Word problems for paying at a(n):  Bakery  |  Clothing Store  |  Ice Cream Shop  |   Juice Shop  |  Restaurant